Monday, 25 March 2013

Miss Toitty by Nothile Khumalo- Part Two

  Hey everybody, I see the last post has had a crazy number of views meaning the message is   getting across! Well for those that have been waiting on part 2 of Miss Toitty here goes :)

  What keeps you grounded as a designer?.
  What keeps me grounded is knowing that this is a journey and that it's gonna take time for me to reach my ultimate goal to build my emporium.

What is your biggest NO NO in Fashion?
Fashion no, no for me is ladies that wear heels they can't walk in! This is a BIG No! You can't help but feel sorry for the person it looks like such a struggle.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
Favorite items in my wardrobe is my collection of vintage blazers love,love,love those. I find an excuse to wear them whenever I can.

What are your future plans for MissToitty as a brand and a clothing line?
Future plans: I want to eventually open stores in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban. Stock my line in the big and famous American store Target which I fell madly in love with whilst living the U.S. Source accessories from under privileged crafters in rural communities, some great talent out there, that will give them the platform to put their work out into a bigger market. Expand into home decor "Miss Toitty Home" These are plans I have for my brand.

 Where can one purchase Miss Toitty garments? and what is coming up for the next season?
 Miss Toitty garments can be found at MJ Collection Glamour Goddess:Shop 1 Pearls of   Fourways 1321 Forest Drive, Lonehill ext 91 Fourways or at various pop ups that take place around the city and at the markets every now and then. Ladies can e-mail me at for further inquiries or like my FB page Miss Toitty Boutique to know where to catch me next. Upcoming season obviously going into winter you can expect Miss Toitty that will keep you stylishly warm in a not so dull kinda way.

  Do you have any advice for other up and coming designers to keep storng in this tough   industry?
Advise that I can give to other young designers is to stay focused on their dream and passion. Persevere, persevere and persevere. 

 What has been your  most difficult obstacle that nearly broke you as designer and your visions,    but instead made you stronger?
Difficult obstacle: When I thought it was not gonna be possible to produce my first official line last year due to financial constraint but thank God for my family for supporting me and self belief I did it! You know what they say where there is a will, there's a way.

 You can contact Miss Toitty via email on, follow her on twitter @misstoitty and check out her blog MissToitty 


  1. Thank you gorgeous ladies keep up the good work. Some of us need such platforms��

  2. awwww were happy an appreciate the thumbs up! U must keep up the good work too :)