Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Angela Simmons launches clothing line

Im sure most of us have seen the reality show Daddy's Girls with Angela Simmons and her sister Vanessa Simmons. Out of the two ive always been team Angela, she was fun alot more relaxed than her older sister. Her dress sense was always chilled in denims and sneakers and she always spotted long dark hair beautiful! So anyways before I start coming across as a stalker shes just always been plain cool....She is now launching her own clothing line called Angela By Angela Simmons. I cant wait to see what she has in store most of the threads i've seen on her website sneek peak is tracks made to be worn with heels! Sure sounds challenging and diffrent lets just say the wait is killing me. Check out her new website on  AngelaIam

Angela looking snazzy in a simple denim and anchor T-shirt and suede purple pumps......HAUTENESS!

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