Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fashion Foward, DINEO MOEKETSI

Since Dineo came out on the scene i've always felt she was one to look out for. She brings a mature and heart warming energy that I feel right through my TV,now thats talent. Her dress sense is also uber tops which Vuzu proved by having her on their 10 Over 10 best dressed episode. Another thing that also makes her a winner for us is her sultry voice when shes presenting , you just have to listen...

 She comes out on top ALWAYS, either on the red carpet or doing her thing on Vuzu or Chanel O. 
We picked a few looks to show off, some casual and others not so casual.


This one is my personal favorite, very sexy yet classy . The gold belt STUNNER!

A more casual Dineo heart the color  matching, the bags love relationship with the pants an baby blue studded pumps.

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