Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy Birthday TO ME....

So this past weekend I decided it would be my birthday weekend since my b-day only fell on a Monday 4th Feb. So I was out to make sure I have lots of wake up drank, stand up drank sit down drank so on and so forth :) moments.

Saturday went to Kanye West by Gods grace lol! (long story) but it was a miracle that's all you need to know. It was kinda rough trying to throw together a white ensemble last minute so I eventually settled on my statement T and black denims. Off we went to Kanye and little did I know what excitement was ahead. The opening acts were perfect to get the mood going so it was just sheer excitement from the word go! The Dome was set up to seem like an Igloo it was beautiful with this amazing gigantic screens i'd never seen before. The stage set up was truly awesome well done to Castle Light. Eventually the man of the hour Kanye West, got on stage (after lots of people had lost their patience and vented on Twitter) , I've always liked Kanye but now I Love me some Kanye. Birthday made!

People made efforts to look smashing in their white ensembles 

I know waht you thinking  LOL!!

Special mention to my partner in crime, thanks for an awesome night!

Spotted Randal in the mix of it all in white 

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