Thursday, 22 November 2012


So we were back at it for the 2nd edition of PlayGoodMusic on Sunday at Odd Cafe and as usual no dissapointments. My weekend was finished off just perfectly listening to good music, spending time with good people....

Look out for my next post on Thesis, Wandile was cool enough to allow me to do my thing about them :)




Kabelo the man behind the event, follow @_playgoodmusic



Loved the Aztec print dress, styling!

Thursday, 15 November 2012



For those of you that were keen on the PlayGoodMusic event I posted about a couple of weeks back, well the second edition is happening Sunday the 18th. For those that dont know lets just say if you are looking for a fresh Sunday vibe, great music, great people and an artsy atmosphere then ill be seeing you at Odd Cafe.

follow them on Twitter @_playgoodmusic

My wishlist from Zara..

 I love color but somehow I found myself picking, greys, and blacks mmmmmm wonder why.....


Everywoman must have an LBD

Totally in heart with this high low blouse, effortless sexyness
Below are some of my fun shoe choices. I love slipper flats and if they have studs or glitter yes mam'!I paired them with purses or clutches to give you an idea of how to put a look together.

This bag is fun and daring.....becareful though lol

pics from

Faaar Faar away to a little town called Cullinan we went!

Last sunday myself and a group of soon to be brew masters set off to The Cockpit Brewhouse in Cullian. A place about an hour or so outside of Joho, mini road trips amuse me because I just ravel at the breathtaking scenery our country has to offer! On our way there we were met by some crazy situations too hilarious to even type about. None the less we got there in one piece ready to do some serious craft beer tasting...


Thats what was the order of the day....



We were asked to autograph the wall which was fun, love leaving an autograph lol!




Loved these bath stools, quirky!




Def a great way to spend a Sunday, looking forward to another visit...

P.S confirmed my allergy to malt, luckily I keep my allergex handy otherwise my trip would have been cut shorter!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa: TAIBO BACAR

Still on schooling myself.. the second show I watched was Taibo Bacar whom I had never heard of until Fashion Week Africa. So I did some homework before the show I could not get much info so I thought let's just wait for his show and see.
I had found a new love Taibo's line was amazing, filled with lots of bold prints, lots of lace satin it just spoke a language only a woman who understands her sexuality would get. I was in awe! Twitter was going crazy and at the end of the show he received a well deserved standing thats what I attend Fashion Week for!





















The man of the moment....job well done!

To prove I know my stuff Taibo won Emerging Designer of the Year (Africa) Award, well done once again!