Friday, 16 March 2012

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 Fashion Photography - Just Neo

Attitude. Simplicity. Emotive. Cathartic. Mysterious. Realism.

As plain as black and white may seem, it bleeds every ones truth.
It has no direction like an adolescent who sees direction as distraction. Fashion Photography exudes its own language and comprehension of what is being extracted and implanted in our fashion magazines and galleries.

The photos resemble the depth of the fabrics and colours that are not tangible.

Friday, 9 March 2012

My past weekend in pictures-Street models!

On the streets.....
For our sporty ladies, hows about this cute Tennis dress paired up with a chuncky gold bracelet and sleek Nike gladiators!
Love the popping electric blue nails an the big pink ring 80's style bag.

We looooove the pastel colors yummy handbag paired up with cute kitten heels and skinny pants!

Might not work on a lot of people but she pulled it off really well........oh but that clutch!!!

More pastel shades but in purple this time :) love the midwaste belt to break color coordinating ....
popping in to say HI.....