Sunday, 17 March 2013

Africas ideas on the worlds catwalks

I'm sure we've all seen the check blue an red travel bag mostly used by street vendors to transport their goods from one point to another. They weren't really deemed fashionable but over time trend setters picked up the catchy travel bag an started creating handbags or carry bags. Onother trend spotted on the worlds high fashion ramps is the Basotho traditional blanket known as Seanamarena. This one is a tricky one because its origins can be traced back to the European traders and missionaries as far back as the 1800s. Who ever thought? I think well let that one slide... a little. Point is we need to seriously start celebrating styles we created right here at home before looking else where. One does wonder if credit is given by the famous designer's as to where "their ideas" originate from during those campaign launches? All I can say is, its about darn time Africa continued setting trends in the world of fashion right here and the world over!

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