Tuesday, 11 March 2014

THE DIRTY 30'ies

Recently- ish I celebrated my 30th birthday. Yes the dirty thirties is what I call it. For my sanity.

 I was told to prepare a fitting outfit for a fitting occasion. My two favorite people were planning a surprise dinner for me and close friends. So initially I thought a dress, a beautiful dinner dress made from romantic fabrics.

The hunt began and I literally went from one big mall to the next. I didn’t know what I wanted but I had an idea…it had to be a dress and a dinner dress at that. I just was not winning nothing spoke to me, yes none of the dresses I saw never called out my name and said PICK ME! PICK ME!

So I soldiered on and never lost hope. I had to find the one lol! I spent an hour and a half at Zara went through every dress they had I even started toying around with dull colors. Then did Country Road. Forever New just made me feel I was looking for an outfit to a tea party, No. Yes I did department stores too, nothing. 

Then it hit me. Since Top Shop launched i'd never been to buy myself anything.
The first impression I got was that it was a more pricier Mr Price. I liked it, it had variety casual street and dress up. And there it was, not quiet what I had in mind but it was a dress and it spoke to me.

The dress was denim, initially I thought for a dinner a little inappropriate. Then I thought heck I’m going to try it on and it fit like a glove. I was in love. It made sense to me, I’m celebrating a milestone what better way to do it than in my favorite classic, fun fabric, denim. Denim is timeless, it’s cool and effortless and that’s how I wanted to be remembered. Timeless, cool and effortless. So  I bought the dress dolled it up with an awesome pair of shoes from Dumond and the birthday outfit was complete with accessories and a super cute curly do.

The birthday was perfect.  Perfect company, perfect three course meal and perfect champers.

I could not have asked for more I had the perfect outfit for a perfect occasion.





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