Monday, 28 May 2012

Essential's of Life!

So it's been a minute since we spoke hope yall are good, I've had a good two weeks of exams and now I can get back to the things I love :)........

I spent my Saturday afternoon in Parkhurst with a dear friend assisting her to shop for furniture, we happend to have great timing as there was also a Beer Fest happening but that's another story for another blog lol! These are a few pieces we found at Essential Life its my new nook if you have the right expandable budget for artistic home pieces. Beautiful energy in the store, incense was burning the shop assistant was a pleasure and had a great sense of humor (essential when your working on a weekend) check out

Anybody for alphabet soup?

Theres just no words to describe this well just smile and admire!

*clearsthroat* anybody for some salt n pepper?

Loved this floral print couch....personal Fav!

The one we took home :) just want to throw myself onto it.

Joburg city inspired painting

Just had to put a signature to make sure ITS SOLD!
After a hard days work of furniture shopping some grub was needed! Yummo!

My friend setteled for stake n salad made me feel guilty!

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